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TSA NOV DefenseAccidental TSA gun and prohibited item penalty reduction assistance

Testimonials from TSA NOV Defense clients

I often work very late at night and have to walk through a dark, deserted parking lot. My husband convinced me to get a carry permit for my personal safety and I am glad I did. My sister was flying off to an overseas duty station and the entire family went to the airport to see her off. I didn't take my gun out of my purse because we were not going to go through TSA security because we were not planning on going to the airport gate. When we got to the ticket counter, the ticket agent offered to give us all gate passes. I took mine and completely forgot about the gun in my bag. As I went through TSA security, they found my gun. Several months later, when TSA sent me their Notice of Violation, I called our family lawyer to ask him what I should do. He found TSA NOV Defense on the Internet and after he spoke to them, he recommended that I hire them. I did and spent quite a while on the phone explaining to them exactly what had happened at the airport. Two weeks later, TSA NOV Defense called me and said they had settled my case. I was very happy knowing that the case had been settled quickly and wouldn’t be hanging over my head for a long time. And even after paying their fee and the TSA fine, I saved hundreds of dollars. It was well worth the investment to have peace-of-mind knowing that I was taken care of and would be able to fly in the future without any problems. I strongly recommend TSA NOV Defense to anyone who gets a Notice of Violation.

— T. F.

When I got a call that a family member living in another city had a medical emergency, I had to make quick arrangements to fly to be with them. Unfortunately, in my rush to the airport, I forgot to take the my licensed handgun out of my computer bag. TSA, of course, found the gun when I went through their security screening procedure. Several months later, when I got TSA’s Notice of Violation stating they were seeking a civil penalty of $3,000, but were willing to settle for $1,500, I did a search of the Internet and found TSA NOV Defense. After speaking with them on the phone, I decided to hire them and was able to pay on-line through Pay Pal. I thought their fee of $350 was very reasonable. Ten days later I got an email that they had settled the case for me for far less than TSA was originally asking. I very highly recommend their services to anyone who gets an Notice of Violation from TSA.

— D. W.

I really don’t have a good excuse as to why I forgot to put the licensed gun I carry in the glove box of my car before I went into the airport terminal. I was just busy and rushed that day. I do travel pretty frequently and that day I just wasn’t paying close enough attention to what I was doing and had my mind on other things. When TSA found the gun, they told me to expect to get a Notice of Violation seeking a civil penalty. I had no idea though that it would be so much – a proposed civil penalty of $3,000, with a settlement proposal of $1,500. I found on the Internet after reading some blogs from others who had gone thru a similar situation. At first I was nervous to be working with someone on the net that I had never met, and that I didn’t even know if they were legit. However, on initial consultation, they explained to me what the Notice of Violation process was going to be like and also explained how I could handle it myself if I wanted to. I decided I wanted someone to represent me who had experience in handling these NOVs and I hired them. Four days later I got an email that they had settled my case, saving me hundreds of dollars, even counting what I paid them. And, best of all, I don't have to worry about this case anymore. If you are nervous about handling your NOV yourself and want it settled sooner rather than later, you should seriously consider hiring them.

— N. M.

I was a nervous wreck when I got the Notice of Violation from TSA for the gun that they found in my backpack when I went through screening. Every time I started to think about it, I began to cry. My husband found TSA NOV Defense on the Internet. He wrote them an e-mail and they e-mailed him right back asking him to have me call them. I somehow got the courage to call and as I was explaining what happened, I starting to cry again. They were very patient with me, explaining the Notice of Violation procedure. They took a lot of time in asking me questions of what happened at the checkpoint when they found the gun and right afterwards as the police were investigating. We also went over my current employment and financial situation as they said it would help them in negotiating a reasonable settlement. While they explained I could handle the case myself, I wanted someone to take the responsibility of the case off me – I didn’t want to have to speak to a TSA attorney myself. Once I sent in my payment to TSA NOV Defense, I felt like I was no longer carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. A week later, they wrote me an e-mail saying that they had settled my case with TSA, saving me hundreds of dollars. I can’t thank TSA NOV Defense enough for helping me through this and the patience that they showed me.

— N. S.